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Florence Hotel Deals and Offers

On our official website, you will find the best offers in 4-star hotels in Florence. Our packages are always updated, so you can plan your holiday well in advance, benefiting from unique opportunities.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel at absolutely unbeatable prices.

The offers of the 4-star Botticelli hotel in Florence centre include:

  • Special offers dedicated to specific holidays;
  • Rates with discounted prices and special conditions;
  • Last minute offers in hotel in Florence;
  • Packages designed to make you experience the best events organised in the city to the fullest;
  • Special rates combined with unique and original experiences.

Our cancellation policies are indicated during booking confirmation and while browsing our booking system.

Offerte Primavera Hotel Firenze

Spring break in Florence

Book a spring holiday in Florence at the Botticelli Hotel and take advantage of the packages on offer with breakfast included.

Offerte Pentecoste Hotel Firenze

Pentecost in Florence

Book your Pentecost holiday in Florence at the Botticelli Hotel and take advantage of our packages with breakfast included.

Offerte 2 giugno Hotel Firenze

2nd June in Florence offers

4-star Botticelli Hotel in central Florence for the long weekend of 2nd June. Breakfast included in the price. Book now!

4th July in Florence

Book your 4th July holiday in Florence at the Botticelli Hotel and take advantage of the packages on offer with breakfast included.

Terrazza Hotel Botticelli

4-star hotel in Florence: last minute offers

For those who, on the other hand, prefer to decide to leave at the last second and still have an experience to remember, here are specially dedicated packages.

With our last-minute offers in 4-star hotels in central Florence, you can benefit from unbeatable rates available even a few hours before your departure.

In this way, you can experience an authentic escape, benefit from the services of a luxury hotel, let yourself be pampered by the comforts of the 4-star Botticelli hotel and experience the atmosphere of the Tuscan capital.

Check our offers and find the package that best suits you at any time.

The Botticelli Hotel will always be able to surprise with special rates, that aim at allowing you to better experience the emotions of history, culture and art.

But also to have fun on your holidays, discovering the most unusual corners of the city or with shopping experiences.

Do you want to spend a holiday as a couple? You can do it with the romantic special offers in Florence!

A unique opportunity to experience the city through an itinerary that will take you to touch the most evocative places, to be experienced as a couple.

Do you want to stay with your other half and your children? Then, discover our special offers for families in Florence, stay at affordable prices and discover all the most important locations and attractions to experience all together.